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Gatorade Olympics Commercial for DDB Shanghai

4 camera filming of NBA Star Yao Ming on location in Chicago

Hinsdale Nurseries
Big impact local TVC for Jet Advertising

Achieving results for local businesses

Tall Ship Windy website content

Filming boat to boat, sword fights and Tall Ships Festivals

Celebrating at the Academy Awards February 7, 2009

L-R: Ken Flisak, Katie Hylén, Bert Flisak
and Award Winner Steve Hylén

Sauza Tequila - Live streaming Social Media event

Chef Marcella Valladolid, 30 guests, 4 video cameras, live blogging and Tweeting harnesses Social Media for Sauza Tequila

Dental Care of Oakbrook

Website content for Dr. Kimet's dental practice

Vintage Blue Concert Film

8 Camera concert film shot live at The House of Blues

Morgan Stanley commercial for Leo Burnett

1st contact to shoot on elaborate set of the White House in 5 days

Shuree Music Video - One Girl Can Change The World

Live action, green screen and VFX

"Versus" 35mm independent short film

Gun fire in a futuristic prison cell.

"PCN Live at 5" TV news spoof film for Invesco

TV News virtual set green screen production

Gatorade Commercial for DDB Shanghai

Testing Yao Ming's flying system.

Bath Max - Big impact local TVC for Jet Advertising

Achieving results for local business

Kenmore Live Studio

Reintroducing the Kenmore brand for Sears

Seize the day.

Carpe Diem Film Production Services is a full service production company based in Chicago’s suburbs with experience producing all across North America. We have worked directly with small business owners, local marketing services and with international ad agencies. We are leaders who place your needs first and create places for people to excel at what they do.

ken (definition)

(noun) one's range of knowledge or sight.

(verb) know

(synonyms) knowledge, awareness, perception, vision, understanding, grasp, comprehension, realization, appreciation, consciousness

Ken Flisak has been blessed with filmmaking experiences and understands how to bring great people together to do wonderful things. As a Producer, 1st AD, Director, Cinematographer, Editor.

His work is consistent whether it’s for Gatorade China, Morgan Stanley, Leo Burnett, Outside 7 Creative, EIIA, Hinsdale Nurseries or Tall Ship Adventures of Chicago. Experience makes projects run smoothly regardless of if they’re one day local shoots or projects covering thousands of miles over many weeks.

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